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Inspirations from Minnesota and Michigan

Hello friends and readers!

Visiting Minnesota and Michigan has been so inspiring, as passion and purpose are alive and well here.


As we’ve met with the state grantmaker and nonprofit associations, educational institutions and many others, we’ve found a real and deliberate commitment to talent development for civil society.

These states are very progressive in their thinking and tactics. There are wonderful models in K-12 service learning, academic programs focused on the social good, foundations and nonprofits working collaboratively to solve pressing issues, even whole communities coming together to support their young people.

Yet many also spoke to us about the need to further strengthen the links in the talent supply chain – to bring these diverse efforts closer together and connect the dots. We hope to help with that, so stay tuned.

Here are some photos of what we have experienced:

A work of art on the wall of Minnesota Council on Foundations’ gorgeous new offices in a refurbished John Deere factory. An incredibly slick modern collaborative space.


The Minnesota Nonprofit Association is now housed in a similarly great shared workspace, in a refurbished armory.

20150811_135553 20150811_140410

And then there was this lovely truck on the streets of Ludington, windmills, lighthouses and maple syrup.

20150808_124636 20150808_103620

Goodbye Minnesota/Michigan, Hello Indiana!

-Alex & Jeff

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