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Our Three Wishes for the Holidays

Good Day Friends,

This holiday season, what could be more appropriate than to give the give of compassion–to share stories and strategies for finding purposeful work?
We have three wishes:
1) Buy our book as a gift (either to give to someone special and/or let us give it for you as a part of our work with students in under-resourced schools).
Yes, we’re promoting our book Compassionate Careers: Making a Living by Making a Difference (Career Press, 2015)!! It has received wonderful feedback from educators and industry experts in philanthropy and social enterprise. Compassionate Careers, but it’s not just a book. By helping us spread the critical message, you’re offering a window of opportunity to people, especially young people, who face their future with fear. Most importantly, this inspirations guidebook is helping thousands of people find fulfilling employment that has meaningful impact. And your purchase will also support the 100+ purpose-driven organizations featured in the text.
2) Donate to our NEW podcast series: The Compassionate Advantage launching in February with the motto: we make good _____or stuff happen!

(Give $100 and we’ll send you / t-shirt “I Make  Good X@$! Happen”
3) Help us spread the word.
We would greatly appreciate if you could place one or both of these images (see below) in social media, blogs, newsletter or on your website.
Also, please keep us alert to any other opportunities to build the movement via presentations, training, curriculum, etc. Here are some blogs released by notable publications that you can repost (please site the source):
Thanks so much for walking this path with us!
Alex & Jeff

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