Culture Fit Assessment


Finding a job with a great culture fit is difficult. Working in an environment that is a good culture fit allows you to perform at your best, trust your fellow coworkers and unleash your potential in a way that is beneficial for both you and your employer. In fact, it is an 89 percent predictor of success for whether you will be working at the same place two years from now.

We are proud to partner with RoundPegg to bring you the Culture Fit Assessment! (Use a laptop or desktop for best results.)

Launch Assessment

By taking this assessment, you will uncover your ideal culture. You will also have the opportunity to invite your friends and work mates to take the assessment so that you can compare culture styles and build effective teams.

Begin by clicking the button above. Answer the demographic questions, click done and you will be taken to the assessment page hosted by RoundPegg. You can always return to to login and review your results and anyone you invite.

We hope you find the outcomes of your assessment to be accurate and useful!